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Move empty trailers for Trailway

Trailway can also offer to a trucking company empty trailers to move. This option works for a trucking company when bob tailing in a certain lane. Trailway pays a per mile rate for empties. These trailers cannot be loaded since the trucking company agrees to move these trailers empty.

Arrange movement of trucking company's trailers with Trailway

Trailway's customers are the trailer owners, and the trailer owners pay Trailway for arranging the movement of trailers. Trailway is the customer of the trucking company because Trailway is providing a lease free trailer. Trailway can also arrange the movement of a trucking company's trailers, and in that case the trucking company is Trailway's customer, because the trailer owner pays Trailway's fee.

One-Way Trailer Request

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