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Loading dry vans and reefers to the destination for Trailway's customer

In this case, the trucking company is not paid to move the trailer, but the trucking company makes the revenue off the freight placed in the trailer. Trailway expects the trucking company to insure the trailer for physical damage and liability. The trucking company does not have to pay a lease on this trailer, but Trailway expects delivery in a reasonable time considering the load of the freight on the trailer. This is usually seven to ten days. The trailer should not be picked up by the trucking company until freight has been secured. Before the trucking company accepts this load option Trailway expects there should be a reason the trucking company moves this trailer. The following reasons a trucking company needs a one way trailers is:

  • The trucking company needs trailers to load out to areas where the trucking company is picking up new trailers, because the trucking company is saving freight cost on new trailer purchases.
  • The trucking company has a trailer pool imbalance and needs to load Trailway's customers' trailers to balance the trailer pool.
  • The trucking company is hiring a new driver out of state, and needs to position the new driver into the trucking company system.
  • The trucking company has a need for rail equipment. (THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITH TRAILWAY'S CUSTOMER OKAY) Trailway's customers have to install lift pads on the trailer to be railed.
  • The trucking company needs to spot trailers at new accounts, or the trucking company needs to load one-way trailers to retrieve trailers at lost accounts.
  • The trucking company needs a one way trailer to load because the trucking company has a trailer breakdown.

One-Way Trailer Request

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